My Wedding


It was a long time coming. The day that I would finally marry the man of my dreams had arrived. November 1st, 2015. The day I had dreamed of ever since my heart fell hard for Cameron about four years prior.

The two of us had spent the last 11 months planning our dream wedding in one of our favorite destinations, Lake Tahoe. The lake surface is over 6,000 feet in elevation and is the greatest Alpine Lake in all of North America. The shores are shared by both California and Nevada. We looked at wedding venues on both sides of the lake, but finally, after months of venue hunting, landed on the West Shore (the California side). We couldn’t wait for the blue water, sheer mountains, and green pines to be the backdrop we got married in front of.


The months leading up to the wedding were a rollercoaster. Every spare moment we had was spent cutting down the guest list (yuck!), preparing invitations, tasting the menu, creating seating charts and floor-plans, and doing all the other things that brides and grooms do have to do before the big day.

We spent the day before our wedding in Tahoe hanging out with family and friends that had flown or drove in from out of town. After our walk-through rehearsal on the pier that we were to be married on, we decided to do nothing but breathe the fresh mountain air… and eat some pizza. We took in the blue skies, the even bluer water, and the surrounding mountains filled with green pines that seemed to crawl all the way to the edge of the crystal clear water. All of the wedding prep was over and we could finally breathe. At some point that evening, Cameron and I said our final goodbyes and I kissed him for the final time as his fiancee.


Enter: morning of. I woke up and knew that I was about to live out the happiest day of my life. Excited is an understatement. I was on cloud 99 and couldn’t wait to get to the aisle. But there was a lot to do before that moment arrived. Cameron and his groomsmen stayed at a small place a few miles down the road called Sunnyside Resort. I was a few short miles away at our venue, West Shore Cafe and Inn.


My bridesmaids and I woke up in the suite at our venue and began getting ready for the big day. We slipped into our kimonos and had some breakfast. After that, my first order of business was writing Cameron a letter that I would have delivered to him before I met him at the end of the aisle. After that, it was time for hair and makeup. My beautiful maid-of-honor and sister Naomi took care of my hair, and my wonderful cousin Ester was on makeup duty.


During the makeup and hair process, a gift and card arrived from my soon-to-be husband Cameron. Tears were immediate when I began reading his letter. That’s when it finally hit me. My life was about to be forever changed, and all for the better. The aisle couldn’t come fast enough. After hair and makeup, it was time to bring out the dress, the shoes, and the jewelry. Oh yeah, and the garter.


I’m trying to recall the moment when one of my bridesmaids came over to me and told me to look outside. It’s all a bit fuzzy. I remember looking outside and realizing that it was pouring. Rain. Pouring rain. On my wedding day. Hours before I was supposed to get married on the perfect pier, with the perfect backdrop, on our perfect day, it was all falling apart thanks to the unpredicted weather. Thanks, forecasters. It was a mad scramble to come up with an alternative plan. My bridesmaids did an outstanding job working with the venue to bring the wedding indoors, where the reception was to be held. The rain ruined the pier, it ruined the backdrop, but it didn’t ruin the day.


The moment was finally here. It was time to make my way to the aisle. Not the aisle I had intended on walking down for the past 11 months, but it was the perfect aisle because my perfect guy was going to be standing at the end of it. The moment I stepped out of the elevator and began walking down that aisle, I lost control of my emotions. With confidence, I can look back and say that those few seconds, were the happiest few seconds of my life. I was crying, but they were tears of pure joy.


The ceremony began, and it was perfect. Cameron and I made a point to write our own vows and read them to each other. We finally said, “I Do”, kissed, and were married. It was a dream come true. And at that moment, it didn’t matter where we were standing. All that mattered is that we were married.


Of course, right after the ceremony was over, the weather began to clear for a few moments. So, we hurried outside to take a few photos.


After the photos, the reception began. The evening was filled with live music, great food, dancing and heartfelt speeches from parents and bridal party members.


Then it was time for the first dance. I disappeared up into the bridesmaid’s suite just for a moment to change. I hurried back down the stairs and surprised Cameron with my second dress.  This dress was more form-fitting, easier to walk (and dance) in. We danced our first dance to Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban. After the mother/son, father/daughter, dances, we cut the cake. We decided on a naked pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting.


The evening quickly came to an end and it was time for Cameron and I to get up to our honeymoon suite.




The next morning, when Cameron and I woke up, we looked outside and saw that everything was covered in snow. We had breakfast in bed, slipped into our robes, and then got ready together for the first time as husband and wife. I put on my wedding dress, Cameron put on his tuxedo, and we went out in the snow to take some additional wedding photos.


There is one thing I know for sure. I wouldn’t have made it through the day without the help of all those around me. My three amazing bridesmaids and new mother (I refuse to say in-law), helped out just as much in the months leading up to the wedding as much as they did on the big day. And of course, none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for my two wonderful parents.  

It has been just over a year since that milestone day in our lives and I can honestly say that marrying Cameron was the best decision I have ever made. He is the most loving, caring, devoted, and handsome husband in the world, and I am so ready for the rest of our lives.



With love,