It is quite possibly one of the most romantic cities that I have ever visited. Everywhere you look, you will find imperial architecture that speaks to the culture and history of the country. Vienna is known to some as “Europe’s Cultural Capital”.

Austria is an incredible country. It is clean, it is safe, and it is charming. When you walk the streets, you can’t help but feel the time of an era gone by. The powerful and majestic architecture screams culture that we just don’t have here in the United States.


When we arrived in Vienna on December 31st, the cold was bitter and the sun was just beginning to break through. We had a full day ahead of us. We spent the day making plans getting ready for an entire evening in the streets for Vienna’s world-renowned New Year’s celebration.

It was as if the entire city of Vienna shut down to ring in the New Year together. Roads were closed and everyone was singing, dancing and playing games in the streets. Hot wine and Wiener Schnitzel were abundant. We found ourselves filtering through the streets of the city in a unified flow of foot-traffic. Along the way, passing different holiday markets and concert stages with live music that had been set up as a part of the celebration. We ended our magical evening in front of the gorgeous Vienna City Hall listening to a tribute band perform covers of ABBA. The clock struck midnight, I kissed my love, fireworks went off, it was perfect.


After a partial night’s rest, we woke up on our first morning of the New Year and hit the city for some sightseeing and cafe hopping. This was our only full day in the city so we had to make the most of it. Vienna incredibly romantic. You can’t walk two blocks anywhere without feeling miniature in comparison to the majestic buildings that were built centuries ago.


The cafe culture in Austria is irreplicable. Many have tried, and many have fallen short. No one can seem to do coffee and cafes quite like the Austrians can. Between the perfection of coffee and espresso drinks, and the mastery of pastries, it is as if they have been doing this for a very long time. (They have)


We decided to break up our sightseeing by visiting a few of the famous cafes in Austria. Of the many we visited (which were all amazing), two stood out most to us. The first was Cafe Central. Built in 1876, it is one of the oldest cafes in Europe. We stood in line in freezing temperatures just for a hot cup of coffee and pastry from this world renowned cafe. Well worth the wait.


The second was Cafe Mozart. As you may know, Austria is a city known for it’s music and was home to many of the greatest classical composers in history. Names such as Mozart, Strauss, Beethoven, Haydn and so many more. This particular cafe has always capitalized on the great music of the nation but has been churning out incredible food and drinks for over a century.


Our time in Vienna was quickly coming to an end. With more time, I would have loved to have visited the libraries, the museums and obviously try many more cafes. But that just means we have to go back soon. And while we were sad about our departure, we couldn’t wait to get to our next destination in Austria: Salzburg. 


With love,