Lux Comfort


Casual comfort doesn’t have to look like you have been binge-watching Netflix all day.

Sweatpants can be really tricky. Typically, the most comfortable sweats are the ones that you can’t wear outside the privacy of your own home. And the ones that look good enough to wear out, aren’t always that comfortable.  

Enter: Sincerely Jules Joggers. So thankful for these bad boys! Tailored and structured with an edge, the details will speak to your fashion sense leaving no one in question of whether or not you’ve been on a Game of Thrones binge all day. The attention to detail on the stitching, cuffs, and zippers help take away the stigma of typical sweatpants.

Throw on your favorite t-shirt (this one that I am wearing is from Topshop), and over the top, your favorite jacket. My leather is usually my first choice.

Who ever said that us ladies had to sacrifice comfort for fashion?

With love,

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