Big Ben. Parliament. West End. Tube. Fish & Chips.

All things that we associate with London - and all things that I hold dear to my heart.  I love London.  I have always said that I could live there.  And every single time that I am in the city, I find something new to love about it.  When I found out that we were making a quick stop in London, I was pretty excited.  While I have always heard of the infamous fog and rain, I had never experienced it until this trip.  It was quite drizzly, but it didn’t stop us from having the time of our lives.


It was Cameron's first time in Great Britain so I was very excited to show him around.  We decided to do a few things that I had never done before so that we could both experience something new together.  During one of the days we were there, we took an afternoon tea cruise on the River Thames. We were served finger sandwiches, scones, and of course, notorious English Tea with cream and sugar.  While the weather kept us indoors for most of the cruise, we were able to make it out on the deck once above between showers.


On two different evenings we went out and saw two different West End productions.  The discounted London TKTS booth was right outside our hotel, so we were buying tickets to these musicals at low prices - roughly 50% off face value.  If you’re ever in London and want to see a show, this is a must.  On the first evening, we saw Jersey Boys (yes - in London).  It was phenomenal.  Such a blast.  The second musical that we saw was The Phantom of the Opera.  Classic, romantic, and always a good time.

We were in London just a few days after Brexit (when the UK left the EU).  As travelers, we weren’t affected by this at all.  Of course, other than the US dollar being more powerful and giving us more spending power.  Which really just meant more fish and chips.

I don’t think Cameron is ready to move to London anytime soon, but he promised to take me back. 


With love,